DeepEnd! - winter showcase

petek, 22.02 2019, 22:00




DeepEnd! winter showcase
▶ 22.02. 2019, start at 23.00

DeepEnd! is a movement revolving around sound system music culture. "A like-minded group of individuals conspiring to advance their Sound System culture concepts."

With every new DeepEnd! release our perception of music (Dub/Step/Grime/Jungle) is evolving, so will the events. We want to be different and we want to bring you the widest experience through our chapters. Our top priorities will be aimed toward hosting the best in production, selection, sound quality and performance. The Sound System will be taken care of by BORIS and the Dub Lab grounds will be set for DeepEnd!
winter showcase.

▶ 春巻き:
CLZ (DeepEnd!)
DubDiggerz (Artikal Music UK, Navy Cut, DeepEnd!)
FLO (Chord Marauders, DeepEnd!)
Kanomotis (DeepEnd!)
Pier (DeepEnd!)
RawLand (DeepEnd!)
VJ 5237

▶ 重低音 Sound system music hosted on BORIS Sound System!

▶ Music Links:

▶ Location: KUD Channel Zero, Ljubljana

Created by DeepEnd! X Dub Lab
Dubbing is a must !!!

Supported by Ziggi Rolling Papers / BORIS Sound System / Bass Warz / / BassPass Blog / Reggae.SI / M7 Grafiks

▶ Entrance fee/Vstopnina: 4€ < 24.00h > 6€





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