Cockroaches (Roma)

sobota, 28.09 2019, 21:00

COCKROACHESVoodoo N Roll - Explosive Rock n roll - Psychobilly - Garge - SurfEL BANDIDO MALDIDO VoiceMR.GRERY GuitarLABANERO Bass GuitarMR.HYDE PIRATA RECORDSBorn in Rome in 2011, From an idea of Bandido Maldito and Vincent Knife, they recorded in a while their first EP containing 5 unreleased song, guitar, drum and voice, the first line up didn't had a bass.After some altrnations between band members, they are able to record the first album "STOMP AROUND THE TOMBS" with 15 unreleased tracks the comes out in 2014 with a self-production, leading the band to a stable quartet, with El Bandido Maldito at voice, Mr.Grery at guitar, Mr.Hyde at drums and Labanero at the bass guitar. Afterso many lives and after sharing the stage with Demented are Go, The Adicts, Nick Oliveri (from QOTSA/Kyuss), TheMeteors, The Fuzztones, Frantic Flinstones, Koffin Kats, Sir.Psyko and his monsters, Banane Metalik, The Caravans, Clockwork Psycho, Los Explosivos, Tito & Tarantula, The Bone Machine, The Nuclears, The Snakes, The Green Moon Sparks,Svetalanas, Death Valley Surfer,Evil Devil, Dead all Folks! and many others. In 2017 they sing with AREAPIRATA that produced their second album "RIP - REST IN PIECES"with darker and less savage tones, 13 original pieces with many featuring: Jack Cortese from The Bone Machines, Antonio Sorgentone at piano,Spookyman, Dead All Folks and the song written in cooperation with Scrubs




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