Cradle Trio [ Austria, Blues Rock ] / Live at Prulček

ponedeljek, 16.09 2019, 20:30

CRADLE TRIO is a four-pieced young and upcoming blues inspired combo from the southeast of Austria. The group benefits not only from unique spirit of youth and excellent musicianship but continues to develop an excellent reputation as a live band. While their sound and style is respectfully inspired by the generations of blues artists who have proceeded they reach towards a progressive sound - ever mindful of the past but looking towards the future.

CRADLE TRIO tour as a quartet with the core of drums, bass and guitar supported by keyboards allowing for a more diverse live sound and performance.

See videos below:

Good Old Times
[ Link: ]

My Old Vision
[ Link: ]

Don't Let Me Down (Beatles Tribute Rooftop Concert)
[ Link: ]








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