Frank Sinutre Live at Bar Prulcek – Lubiana (Slovenia) 13.08.19

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Frank Sinutre Live at Bar Prulcek – Lubiana (Slovenia)
13th August 2019

Official clip


Frank Sinutre is an Electronic project born in October 2011 in Mantova (Italy).
It is formed by Isi Pavanelli (Reactabox, synth, vocoder) and Michele K. Menghinez (guitar, bass, vocals and drums).
They play homemade electronic instruments such as Reactabox (a midi controller inspired by the famous Reactable™: it consists of a cube of light that works with an infrared webcam which works by reading images on little cubes and discs controllers that are placed and moved on the reactabox screen) and Drummabox (an acoustic drum machine based on Arduino). These instruments have been developed and realized by Isi Pavanelli.
In May 2017 Frank Sinutre reaches crowd funding target for the realization of the third reactabox (Reactabox-3 a new midi experience).

Frank Sinutre Discography:
“La Colpa della Leonessa Soundtrack” 2012, a soundtrack for a theatre play, realesed by Vittek Records; this soundtrack was included in the “Festival de teatro social de Valencia” in Spain.
“Musique pour les Poissons” 2014 released by System Recordings from NYC.
“The Boy Who Believed He Could Fly” 2017, released by New Model Label.
“Sunset with Sunrise Remixes” 2018, released by New Model Label.

They performed these albums in about 250 live gigs during last 5 years all over Italy, Swiss and Slovenia.
From these last types of performance it is born a collaboration with the Italian videomaker Giovanni Tutti. In the meantime one of the two Frank Sinutre, Michele K. Menghinez, published his book, called “Storie per Pesci del Mare d’Aria”(Stories for Air-Sea Fishes).

19th May 2017 their third album "The Boy Who Believed He Could Fly" will be released by New Model Label. Meantime they are still planning live gigs all around Europe.
From this third album, at the link below, you can find the single track clip realized by Giovanni Tutti in stop motion “Driving Thru a City by Night”:

And a second single track clip in stop motion “Sunset With Sunrise”, from the same album:
About this track, seven djs and producers from different parts of the world realized seven remixes of this song. These remixes have been included in an album “Sunset with Sunrise Remixes”, released by New Model Label in December 2018.

Past videoclip:
Frank Sinutre “Someone’s Dub” stop motion clip realized by Giovanni Tutti:

Frank Sinutre “Oye Como Va” by Giovanni Tutti:

Frank Sinutre Sondcloud page:

Facebook page (on this page you can find some live performance clips and all the songs which have been realized for the soundtrack “La Colpa della Leonessa” in free download):

Youtube channel (with more live clips):



“The Boy Who Believed He Could Fly”

“Musique Pour Les Poissons”





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